Fly Tying

"He ties ordance-ammo-the kind of flies you enlist rather than enshrine."


Don Roberts: Northwest Fly Fishing (Jan/Feb 2019) "Masters at the Bench" page 12

Williams Wakasagi


The original float n' fly tied for the fly rod. 

Tied for Northern California & Beyond...


Guide Tested, Guide Tied


Float n' Flies

Flies that truly changed the game! Utilizing indicators for bass during colder months.


Williams Wakasagi Colors

Chartreuse/White: a classic go to.


High End Bass Flies

Fly Tying has always been an integral part of North Valley Fly Fishing.

Masked Rainbow


Striper Flies

The Masked rainbow comes in several different colors. It's a heavily weighted striper fly designed to sink fast and freely. A fly that produces great in the clearest of water. 

"Masked Rainbow" Colors: Bass, Grey, Chart, Auqua, & Rainbow.


Masked Rainbow

Auqua Color


Masked Rainbow

Bass Color

Mini Clousers


Simple yet deadly effective.

Lightly weighted smaller clouser minnows for bass.


Hooks ride upside down.

This lowers snags in the rugged areas bass occupy.


Masked Rainbow Style

For an additional fee, mini clousers can be tied in the more realistic style of the "masked rainbow". Not limmited to the rainbow color.

Other Favorites


Clouser Minnow

Bob Clouser's "Clouser Minnow" is a time tested fly that's truly genius in its simplicity and effectiveness. A great striper/bass streamer that's been proven over the years. Ones found in my box and my customer's boxes are the biggest and bulkiest.


Pole Dancer

The pole dancer is a fly that revolutionized the topwater fly game. Giving us the ability to walk the dog like a conventional "zara spook." As with most of my flies, I tie mine quite a bit different. But any pole dancer that swims properly is a top warm water fly for Northern California.


Murdich Minnow

Recommended to me by Doc Cedar. This fly has a nice spot in my arsenal of tactics now. The Murdich Minnow is a pleasure to cast. Lite enough for a 5wt or 6wt . Even a 4wt. Unheard of for a 6” streamer. With hooks strong enough for baby tarpon. It can be fished within inches of the surface, or down deep on sinking lines. The fly stays in the same water column when retrieved, giving it an irresistible swim.


Fly Prices

Get on the tying list and I can get you taken care of. No rushing or deadlines. This is a guide business, not a fly business!