All destinations are within a day's drive from Sacramento or the Bay Area.

Focusing on the North Valley, 7 out of 9 waters we cover are south of Redding. As far South as Lake Berryessa.

Feather River

A premier, top quality guide service for valley steelhead.

North Valley Fly Fishing is the most local guide service for steelhead on the Feather. Ryan knows this water like the back of his hand. 

Ryan's backyard... Centered 10 minutes from the river in Oroville.

On the river since 2004. Ryan knows all the hot spots, flies, and techniques. Ask about 2 hand rod swinging, and potential topwater & dry fly options.

Fall & Spring

October-November & March-May are the preferred months for Feather River. Time it right and experience some of the best steelhead action the North Valley has to offer. 

Seasons: Fall

Lake Oroville

Come see where the game was changed...

Fly tactics dialed on Lake Oroville by Ryan and friends, have spread throughout the state, and further. The lake officially made it's debut in May of 2018, when Hogan Brown wrote the first magazine article on fly fishing the lake in Northwest Fly Fishing. 

Year Round Fishery: Great Topwater & Float & Fly

This is a year round fishery, Float N' Fly tactics peak from December-May. And Topwater from April-August. The lake is thriving with a population of Spotted Bass. Big largemouth, and smallmouth bass are also present. Our goal here is typically high numbers of fish, beautiful scenery, wildlife viewing, and a nice laid back day.

Ryan's backyard... Centered 2 minutes from the lake's launch.

North Valley Fly Fishing has intimate knowledge of Lake Oroville. This is our "office". Where all the testing occurs, trial and errors, etc. It's where we go when we just want to have a fun day and get that fix of bent rods. We have obtained a vast amount of knowledge through Lake Oroville excursions. Book you're trip today, let Ryan show you, and see what all the hype of bass on the fly is about!

Clear Lake

California's Newest Fly Fishing Destination

At 400,000 + years old, Clear Lake is an ancient ecosystem unlike any fishery in the Nation. All fish here grow to Jurassic proportions, bass, crappie, carp, catfish, and bass bait alike. The fish numbers are out of this world. The lake has had it's share of setbacks through pollution over the years, but has proved resilient and is absolutely thriving with life.

Crappie: March-May (4-5wts)

THE MOST BEGINNER FRIENDLY OPTION IN ALL OF NORTHERN CALIFORNIA. 100+ hookup days are the goal during the Spring. Between the crappie, big bass will be caught here and there, along with carp and even catfish. These are some of the most fun trips around!

Streamers for Largemouth: July-Sept (6wts)

Recommended for advanced anglers only. This is some of the most challenging fly angling around. Some of the most rewarding too. Experiencing solitude, while feeling the sheer power of a big mature bass, after a violent tug on a 6wt, could change one's perspective on trout. When hooked, these monsters instantly begin bolting to snags like a freight train, if not leaping in the air. Trout could be compared to a race car, the way they pull drag. While big largemouth are more like a semi.

Video on Clear Lake Crappie

Sacramento River

Redding & Anderson

Northern California's best trout fishing. No other river in CA hosts this many trout over 20".

Fall & Spring

Ryan is typically on the river every month out of the year, but the action here peaks in October-November, and March-April.

Years of experience on the water.

Ryan began rowing and learning the "Lower Sac" in 2005. With around 14 years of experience here, Williams knows the runs intimately. Although Ryan promotes other waters heavily, Lower Sac trout have paid a major portion of his bills over the years.

Seasons: Fall


The Lesser Known World...

Striped Bass



The tug is the drug. (May-June)

Swinging flies for high numbers of hard fighting anadromous fish. 

Hard fights on 6wt rods.

These fish PULL. A big shad on a 6wt feels identical to a steelhead. Minus the jumping... 50+ hookup days do happen, and we see them on most years.

Also target Stripers, Smallmouth, & Largemouth

Lower Sac warm-water trips offer amazing multi species opportunities. We can even add trout or steelhead in the mix of fish on some stretches. Not too many places in the world can offer such a variety of freshwater species in one river, with so many different fish ready to eat a fly.

More Bass Waters

Idaho/Montana is to trout as California is to bass

Northern California hosts the world record spotted bass. We're at a perfect altitude for these predators to thrive. Discover these great options you're backyard has to offer.

World Class Bass Fly Fishing

From Southern California to the Delta... Berryessa to the Foothills. Lake Shasta to Trinity Lake. Californian's are centered in fertile bass territory. "Foothill Bass" is a blanket term used to describe Lake Oroville and all other bass lakes in the Foothills to the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Waters outside the foothills are possible trip options as well, such as Lake Berryessa, Thermalito Afterbay, etc. Expect to see our bass waters continuing to expand!

Seldom on Fly Angler's Radars... Lake Berryessa

The many reservoirs throughout the state are extremely underutilized by fly anglers. There are thousands of miles of shoreline where bass have never seen flies, or rarely see them. They're seeing more and more flies each year however. Bass on the fly is a growing trend for good reasons. Not much can beat the solitude, or watching these predators destroy a topwater fly.

Klamath River

Permitted through Jack Trout Fly Fishing

Get into contact with Jack to book Ryan for incredible Fall steelhead numbers. Jack will be delighted to hear requests for Ryan! Dam will be removed in 2021... Book Fall of 2019 & 2020 before chaos will be released on the river! Will be great in the long term of corse.



Video: Klamath River. Multi Day, Multi Boat Trip.

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