Spring (March-May)


Crappie: Clear Lake

EXTREMELY high numbers of fish on 4-5wt rods. Big bass, carp, and/or catfish will typically be mixed in between crappie. Absolute blast for anglers of all experience levels. This is arguably the best option for new anglers in all of California!

Waters: Clear Lake

Bass: Foothill Lakes

Lake Oroville, and all other bass fisheries: Bass out here during the spring are fat, clean, active, and schooled up. Both float n' fly and topwater tactics produce great. We look for both high numbers of fish and quality bass as well. Fun for anglers of all experience levels. Early summer, topwater fishing in the Foothills can be THE event to witness out the the entire year. 

Waters: Lake Oroville

Steelhead & Trout: Sacramento & Feather Rivers

During spring, fish are fresh in the Feather, and the caddis hatches are off the charts on the Lower Sac. Sacramento River will offer great opportunities for numbers of fish. While guests have a shot at a clean fish of a lifetime on the Feather. Potentially high numbers on the Feather as well!  Both rivers can be great options for beginners and experts alike.

For the traditionalists... Spring also offers great swinging opportunities on the Feather. Ask about our spring time two hand rod and dry fly options.

Waters: Feather River



Shad: Sacramento River

Early summer is time for swinging flies! Striper, bass, shad combo trips are often an option on these stretches during this time of year, but shad are the primary target. The vast lower river stretching from Redding to the San Fransisco Bay is the main artery to California. Which is apparent in these remote warmer stretches, the wildlife viewing can be worth a trip in itself. The river as a whole is an incredible ecosystem thriving with life of all sorts.

Waters: Shad

Foothill Bass Lakes: Topwater

Lake Oroville, and Other Lakes: During the heat of the summer, we go strictly topwater tactics. May-June is when this transition begins. The indicator rods start getting left at home. Typically no need to even fish streamers... We know the hot spots where bass are more likely to shoot to the surface to attack a fly, than down below.

Waters: Foothill Lakes

Summer (July-September)


Clear Lake: Largemouth

Streamer tactics are the primary way we tackle summertime largemouth on Clear Lake. A completely different experience than easy springtime crappie, this is some of the most challenging, yet rewarding fly fishing the state has to offer. So advanced skills are typically recommended for these trips. See more information in the waters section.

Waters: Clear Lake

Lake Oroville: Topwater

Topwater fishing during the Summer can be unreal out here on Lake Oroville. Sometimes its a window that only lasts a few hours, so half day trips and evening trips may be recommended. One aspect that makes these trips are the visual takes, seeing fish move from the deep to inhale a fly. These are typically laid back, action packed trips. Witnessing topwater blowups... one after another, is something all Northern California fly fisherman should get to experience, at least once.

Waters: Lake Oroville

Great for anyone who enjoys watching fish prey upon the surface!

Fall (October-November)


Feather River: Steelhead

North Valley Fly Fishing is centered 10 minutes from the Feather River.

This is a river that's been hit hard, sees allot of pressure, and has lost allot of holding water since the 2017 river blowing/dam issue. So we don't rely on marketing these gems of fish too hard. 

However, when the bite is on, and people want trips, Ryan is on the water producing every year. Good Feather fisherman are more on the hush hush side as far as the internet goes, so don't wait for reports, call us and get the intel 1 on 1. Line things up in advance, and we can set you up for some GREAT odds for a trip you'll remember the rest of your life!

Waters: Feather River

Sacramento River: Trout

Each year, the salmon egg bite is an event to experience in all the Valley rivers. With the lower Sac Egg bite being the most iconic. The largest of trout in the river (which are the largest trout in the state) come out from the depths to eat these eggs in shallow water. Giving fly anglers a very unique opportunity to hook into incredible numbers of plump, HARD fighting trout. Line things in advance, for the best windows, and come witness these steelhead sized trout that reside in the middle of Redding, CA.

Waters: Lower Sac

Winter (December-February)


Lake Oroville & Foothill Bass Lakes: Bass

When all the rivers blow out, we're not done fishing! At this point, we've already been on the lakes hard for a few months, so we just begin focusing exclusively on the stillwater bass. This is when the Float n' Fly truly shines. More and more people have been adapting the technique to get their winter fishing fix in, when the rivers are blown. Coincidentally, this is when bass in the Foothills are clean, round, and healthy as can be.

Learn these tricks to high numbers of beautiful fish! You will see going for bass instead of trout is not sacrificing anything, both are great experiences in their own ways. Both have pros and cons... But winter bass sure do have allot of pros. 

Waters: Lake Oroville

Sacramento River

For those who want their trout fix in during the winter. The Lower Sac is always a great option. Winter days make for fewer boats and less pressured fish. Big trout are regularly taken in the Winter. Some of the biggest trout of the year at times. 

Prime fishing windows can be smaller in the winter, occurring for a couple hours while the bugs are hatching, so ask about half day winter options... We're honest! Get more bang for your buck with potential discounted 1/2 day trips, December-February. Just give this a mention!

Waters: Sacramento River

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